Ana Catarina Fragoso, Bárbara Fonte, Bruno Pacheco, Carla Rebelo, Francisco Tropa, Gustavo Sumpta, João Belga, Maria Condado, Rui Chafes and Sandra Vásquez de la Horra. 


Opening:  12 May, from 15h30 to 19h00

Cambio de Piel [Change of Skin] is the title of the exhibition that 
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra (1967) has conceived for the Casa A. Molder Gallery. This is also the tenth and final exhibition of the first part of the project, which began in November 2020.
Cambio de Piel is a set of fourteen drawings from the private collection of the artist, who has personally selected them for this show and which we will have the opportunity to enjoy in the highly intimate space of the Gallery.
Drawings such as Santa Muerte, Aguas Profundas, Señorita Amordazada, El ideal de una Cavalera, El Señor Ciervo, Ex-Votos, all featured in this exhibition, are historic creations of Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, who was born in Viña del Mar, Chile, and has long been a resident of Berlin.
The world of this artist is the world of drawing and its implements: paper, the line, graphite and wax, materials used in most of her works. Through them, her hands show us a vast world, as contemporary and ancient as human history.
The figures in her drawings, most of them female, demonstrate how we share not only what is inside our bodies, our limitations and fears, but also the myths and tales connected to religion. The body is finite and death is a certainty.  However, 
de la Horra uses a sharp sense of humour and a profoundly poetic (romantic, sometimes) tone to tell us how the greatest injustices, the limitations and uncertainties of human life, can also provide us with strength and structure.
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra’s oeuvre is also the upshot of a geographic and cultural cross-pollination between South America and Europe, which manifests in her works as the magnetic, almost esoteric power these figures exert over us, as can be seen in La Dama del Castillo Encantado and Santa Muerte, among others.
Our recognition of the distant worlds that are in front of our eyes is aided by the way the artist sets up her exhibitions, creating connections between pieces and highlighting formats, figures and subjects in an almost meandering fashion. These drawings will swallow us up, like the figure in Anaconda, but they will also make us laugh and dream, like the figure in El Señor Ciervo or in Aguas Profundas.
What we most fear is perhaps also what we most desire: this is one of the evidences that confront us when we look at the drawings in various formats (large, medium and small) that make up Cambio de Piel.

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra  Press

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra’s exhibition will run until the end of July. During August, both the stamp shop and the Gallery will close, to reopen with the second part of the project in September 2022.

The exhibition is open to the public on weekdays, during the shop’s afternoon schedule, i.e. from 3h30pm to 7pm; visits on weekends and holidays can be made by previous appointment. Access to the Gallery is through the shop.

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra

Cambio de Piel

From the 12th of Maio to the 29th of July 2022